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  • 真正的朋友的英语作文范文
    发布时间:2020-09-13 19:09


    true friends always come to you when their help is in need.they try their best to help you without thinking what they can get from it. this invariably wins them love and respect from otbers, for they devote themselves to the happiness of others.

    up to the time of my writing this article, aero has been helping me with my selecting the courses with great effort. he is a friendly and zealous guy. i think he has been liked by others since long ago because of his characteristics. he is always brisk,enthusiastic, energetic and he is smiling no matter when or where you see him. however, i like him for some other reason.it seems that between us there is a special way to communicate and it's not the usual way through which we communicate such as words and gestures. he has always been a friend of mine be cause i like the way he acts and lives and the way we communicate.

    one morning a week ago, he came to me and asked if he could be of help. actually i had been worrying about my course of this semester for days since i hadn't got any english courses yet! still i was totally caught off guard by aero's offer though he had always been kind. i thought it was my own business and it had never occurred to me that some other individual would offer to help with my selecting the courses. so i declined his kindness.the very net day, i got a cough and it later turned out to be a four-day high fever. in those days, i was etremely weak and lay in bed all day long and hardly had any strength even to eat. i lost the power to keep an eye on the possible vacancies of the english courses ever since i got a high fever. i began to regret declining aero's offer. just at that moment, aero called,asking about my health and told me to have a good rest, saying that he would shoulder the responsibility of selecting my english courses for me. now i am writing this article as the homework of this writing course and i'd like to re emphasize that it is all due to my friend's effort that i have finally made it.

    i was really grateful to him when he called and offered to help and it is hard to epress my gratitude with words.all i want to say about it is that at that moment, i realized that he had offered to help not because it made him feel he was important but because he meant business. he's a man of integrity. i am proud of having such a friend.





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